June 22, 2012


Ukraine harvests first 180,000 tonnes for 2012 grain crop



Ukraine's Agriculture Ministry said on Thursday (June 21) that the first 180,000 tonnes of grain from the 2012 harvest have been reaped, with yields averaging 1.64 tonnes per hectare as of June 21, down from the level a year ago.


Farms have threshed 110,000 hectares of early grains from a total planting area of 10.3 million hectares, the ministry said.


The harvest included 129,000 tonnes of barley, 45,000 tonnes of wheat and 6,000 tonnes of peas as of June 21, it said.


At the same date in 2011, the yields averaged 2.86 tonnes per hectare, the ministry said in a report.


Ukraine plans to harvest 5.62 million hectares of wheat in 2012 and expects output of up to 14 million tonnes. The harvest reached 22.3 million tonnes of wheat in 2011.


Farms also plan to harvest 3.48 million hectares of barley. The ministry has said the crop could total 8.5-9.0 million tonnes this year against nine million a year earlier.


Analysts have said Ukraine could harvest about 45 million tonnes of grain in 2012 including 14 million tonnes of wheat, 7.3 million tonnes of barley and 21.3 million tonnes of corn.

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