Mastinil: Natural solution to reduce the SCC and prevent mastitis

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Mastinil: Natural solution to reduce the SCC and prevent mastitis

Natural Remedies

Years of the study has been revealed that the concentration of somatic cells in milk is directly related to the infection status of the udder. Therefore, in the day to day management of the dairy, infection status of the herd can be monitored effectively by monitoring the SCC of bulk milk or individual cow samples.


Research has demonstrated that an uninfected cow can have a milk SCC well below 100,000/ml and herds, with low infection levels, may have overall herd cell counts below 100,000. Such levels are an indication of low infection rates and a general indication that many things are being done correctly. When the overall SCC reaches approximately 200,000/ml it is an indication that a certain low number of cows are infected.


As the somatic cell count elevates it is directly related to more quarters of more cows being infected. This may result in cell levels of 400,000-800,000 cells/ml and such levels are a concern for several reasons. There is always relationship of SCC to the milk producing capability. Based on analysis of large amounts of data it is apparent that in second and later lactation cows each time the SCC doubles, above 200,000 cells/ml, the level of milk production drops approximately 1.5 pounds/cow/day. In first calf heifers the reduction is considered to be approximately half this amount. Infected cows have elevated cell counts and diminished production due to tissue damage.


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