June 21, 2013


Serbia expects 21.8% increase in wheat harvest



Serbia is expected to have a 21.8% increase in wheat production this summer than last year.


This is according to a Statistics Office preliminary report.


The total wheat output is seen at 2.3 million tonnes or 18.5% more than the 10-year average, the Belgrade-based office said on its website, citing the state of the crop through May 25.


The greater output, which compares with 1.91 million tonnes in 2012, will reflect "expanded planted area and higher yields," the office said.


Serbian farmers planted 557,396 hectares (1.42 million acres) of wheat, compared with 480,539 hectares in the previous season. Yields are expected to rise to 4,177 kilogrammes per hectare, from 3,977 kilogrammes per hectare last year.


The statistics office also said the area sown to corn fell 7.3% to 1.19 million hectares, while sugar beet plantings dropped 4% to 62,377 hectares and the area sown to soy fell 1.6% to 160,865 hectares. Sunflower plantings increased 11.8% to 186,556 hectares.