June 21, 2012


Russia finishes feed mill manufacture


Russia has recently completed the feed mill construction near Rskov region's Nevel city.


When fully operational will be one of the top five largest mills in the country and the largest mill in the region.


The mill is due to go into operation around the 20-22 June 2012, and fully operational it will have the production capacity of 120,000 tonnes of feed per year.


"Today the feed mill with such production capacity and technical equipment – is the only one in the region and only fifth in whole Russia", - said of the Pskov region,.


According to Nikolai Romanov, head of the state department of agriculture and veterinary, the new feed mill will have a completely close cycle of production of high quality and balanced feed. Technologically, the plant is divided into two parts: grain storage and fodder production unit.


The mill is a part of a large-scale investment project implemented in the region by Velikolukski meat processing plant. In June 2010 the Governor of the Pskov region Andrei Turchak and head of Velikolukski plant Vladimir Basement signed an investment agreement. The region's administration provides full administrative support for the project.


The mill will supply a large pig farm also owned by the company that is currently under construction in the region. According to the investment plans announced in April 2012 the company plans to increase the original number of pigs in the project from 480,000 to a million.



Investment in the construction of the feed mill has not been disclosed, but according to preliminary expert estimations it may amount to RUB3 billion (US$100 million).

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