June 21, 2005


Heat wave in Bangladesh costs poultry industry Tk 1,000 million



The prolonged heat spell in Bangladesh has resulted in many chickens dead and a decreasing production of eggs in poultry farms all across the country. Industry experts estimate losses of about Tk 1 000 million during the last two months .The Bangladeshi poultry industry is worth about Tk 30,000 million a year.


A large percent of the loss is from poultry farms and the hatcheries that breed day-old chicks said Moshiur Rahman, chairman of the Paragon Poultry Group. The death rates of broiler and layer chickens have now jumped to 7-8 percent from usual 2-3 percent. The egg production rate of about 7.5-8 million a day has now fallen about 15 percent.


Selim Kawser, marketing manager of Kazi Farms Group, the country's largest day-old-chick breeder said the increased mortality has reduced the monthly production of 20,000 tonnes of chicken by at least 10 per cent because the normal growth of poultry birds are hampered by severe dehydration.


Broiler farmers, however, have had better luck as wholesale prices of farm chicken gained Tk 12 per kg during the last two months partly because of the short supply of fish during this period.


The wholesale price of broilers per kg increased to Tk 70-72 from Tk 58-60 two-months ago while the retail price has risen to Tk 78-80 from Tk 64-65.However, egg prices have not gone up much as supply still remained high compared to the demand.

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