June 20, 2008


EU rules AB Vista's feed enzyme safe and effective


The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) panels recently announced that it found AB Vista's Econase XT P/L as safe and effective for chickens, turkeys and weaned piglets.


The EU panel said there is evidence to support the efficacy of Econase XT in improving production in chickens for fattening at 8,000BXU per kilogramme, turkeys for fattening at 16,000BXU per kg and piglets at 24,000BXU per kg.


The report added that Econase XT was tolerated at 10 times (turkeys) or 20 times (piglets) the maximum recommended dose (24,000BXU per kg) and so it is safe for these livestock.


As to consumer safety, the experts raised no concerns when the product as an additive in animal feed based on two mutagenicity/clastogenicity tests and a sub-chronic oral toxicity study.


Econase XT is an enzyme feed additive with endo-1,4-beta xylanase as its declared activity.


The production strain is a genetically modified strain of Trichoderma reesei.

AB Vista is an integrated international supplier of new generation micro-ingredients for the animal feed industry.

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