June 19, 2023


Companies in Kanagawa, Japan tests new system to use food waste as livestock feed



Companies in Kanagawa prefecture, Japan and Japanese telecommunication's firm NTT East have launched an initiative to test a system that connects food manufacturers with livestock farmers, with a goal to utilise food residue, including sub-standard items and leftover scraps from food processing plants, as livestock feed, Japan Forward reported.


With rising feed prices due to the weak yen and a global food crisis, this system aims to provide vital support to livestock farmers in the prefecture. Taking advantage of the close proximity between a large city and numerous food processing plants, the initiative seeks to create a sustainable solution.


By reducing dependence on imported feed, farmers will be able to enhance their self-sufficiency in animal feed production.


The demonstration phase commenced in late April and is scheduled to run for approximately two months. Usui Nosan Co Ltd, an Atsugi City-based company operating pig farms, is participating in the project along with a producer of soy-based processed foods and a confectionery manufacturer.


Through a web-based platform, food manufacturers register details such as the types, ingredients, total quantity, and pick-up methods of available foodstuffs within a month. Livestock farmers can then make reservations based on this information and subsequently collect the items from the food manufacturers.


The prefecture and NTT East are actively recruiting participants and plan to expand the number of involved businesses to four farms and around 15 food manufacturers.


The availability and quantity of food waste cannot be accurately predicted, necessitating farmers using food residue to possess the knowledge to adjust the combination of other types of feed in order to maintain a nutritional balance. Some farmers hesitate to utilise food residue due to the misconception among consumers that it is synonymous with kitchen refuse or scraps.


Usui Nosan, a company with a 60-year history, has used food residue as livestock feed for more than 20 years. Kinichi Usui, president of Usui Nosan, said food residue is not refuse.

He said the company uses cut-off remnants that are exactly the same as the manufacturer's products, adding that these are taken directly from the processing plant, so they are fresher than what consumers end up eating.


-      Japan Forward

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