June 19, 2023


UK pig industry past target to cut antibiotic use




The United Kingdom's pig industry has surpassed a 30% reduction target in total antibiotic use set by the RUMA Targets Task Force for the period of 2020-2024.


The latest figures reveal a 20% drop in antibiotic use for treating pigs on farms in 2022. This brings the total reduction since 2015 to 75%, highlighting the industry's dedication to promoting the health and welfare of pigs while minimising antibiotic use.


Data collected by the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB), using the electronic Medicine Book (eMB) and representing approximately 95% of pigs slaughtered in the UK, show that antibiotic use in 2022 stood at 70mg/PCU, a significant improvement compared with 87mg/PCU in 2021.



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