June 19, 2015


Russia's production of feed amino acids to rise in coming years



The production of high-protein feed and amino acids in Russia is set to rise as the country's ministry of agriculture plans to actively develop its biotechnological industry, officials said.


In addition, projects concerning the production of feed amino acids could receive subsidies on loans and other forms of national aid in the coming years, said Andrei Volkov, the deputy minister of agriculture. These efforts are geared towards the support of the local livestock industry.


Vladimir Dudnikov, the ministry's head of food resources department and animal breeding, revealed that discussions had been held by the ministry of industry to consider suspending imports of synthetic amino acids into Russia. Dudnikov claimed that most of these products are made "using GMOs" and was concerned how they might affect animal and human health.


Currently, close to 100% of Russia's demand for feed amino acids are fulfilled by deliveries from other countries, mainly those in Asia.


Dudnikov puts the country's requirement for these products at an estimated 60,000 tonnes yearly.

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