June 19, 2012


Ukraine's hot weather bad for barley, favourable for corn



Output of spring barley may be hurt by hot weather across most of leading Ukrainian grain-producing areas but favourable for corn, a senior weather forecaster said on Monday (June 18).


Mykola Kulbida, the head of Ukraine's state weather forecasting centre, also said Ukraine's western regions were suffering from excessive rain, resulting in waterlogged soil and sharper growth of weeds.


"High temperatures of more than 30 degrees Celsius (86 Fahrenheit) in Ukraine's eastern, southern and central regions could have a negative impact on spring grains, reducing their yields," Kulbida told reporters.


He said the seeds were small and had low weight.


"This weather is unfavourable mostly for barley," Kulbida said. "Everything is fine with corn; we see no problem at the moment."


Ukraine, among the world's leading barley exporters, plans to harvest about 8.5 million tonnes of the commodity in 2012, according to the Farm Ministry forecast.


Analysts put the harvest at about 7.3-7.7 million tonnes this year. The former Soviet republic harvested 9.01 million tonnes of barley in 2011.


Analysts also forecast the 2012 corn harvest at about 21.3 million tonnes, while the government expected the output at 26-27 million tonnes this year.

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