June 18, 2013


WEDA introduces updated sow management programme




WEDA Dammann & Westerkamp GmbH (Lutten), a product developer for pig management, has augmented their 4PX feeding computer with new programme features, tailored to help pig farmers strengthen efficiency and control of animal house management and movements.


The new software structure enables individual identification of sows within a group at the feed valve. It also facilitates a consistent exchange and comparison of data between the animal house segments of mating station, waiting section and farrowing section. The process is executed through the ISOagiNET networking interface.


In addition, data from an external computer, such as WEDA's demand feeding station, the 4PX SowComp, can be analysed via the interface of the 4PX feeding computer. Important data, such as the numbers of sows and responders, or the day of a cycle, are stored in the main computer. This feature helps to allocate individual sows to their respective feed valve.

The 4PX system also controls the water level of a specific livestock at the valve by integrating the water curve for each sow into the feed graph.


The 4PX's programme update includes a Mobile Data Recording feature which aids pig farmers in identifying animals, that may require specific amount of feed, through the scanning of eartags attached to the livestock. Developed with a search function for ease in sow management, a MDE-enabled portable device can be cross-linked with the work schedule of the 4PX computer.

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Work processes of the 4PX system can be remotely monitored and operated with smartphones, computer tablets or other mobile terminal equipment through WEDA's W-Mobile application.
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