June 18, 2007


Russia may halt pork imports from Brazil's biggest meat plant



Russia may stop importing pork from Brazilian largest meat processor Sadia's plant in Passo Fundo due to salmonella found in 25 tonnes of frozen pork.


The ban takes effect on June 18 on the plant which is located in southernmost Rio Grande do Sul state.


The Russian sanitary agency has already requested an action from the Brazilian Government about the issue. Sadia, however, said that it had not received any official information from the Brazilian or the Russian government yet.


According to local analysts, the matter will cause little harm to Sadia as revenues from the plant only accounts 5 percent. Russia accounts for 50 percent of Sadia's total pork exports.


The analysts also believe Sadia will find other ways to continue the exports to Russia, like using production from other of the company's plants.


Sadia is currently building a plant in Russia, via its joint venture with Russian meat distributor Miratorg where the company takes a 60 percent of the plant. The unit, which is being constructed in Kaliningrad, western Russia, will process both chicken and pork.

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