June 17, 2020


Australian farmers report positive results from salmon aquaculture waste fertiliser trial


Five farms in Tasmania, Australia are part of a trial to convert waste from local salmon aquaculture farms to fertiliser, with promising results, reported ABC Australia.


The salmon waste, which includes the fish's excrement, heads and guts are converted into liquid and sprayed onto paddocks.


Owner of Derwent Valley farm Will Chapman, one of the farms in the trial, said their soil nutrient levels have increased. The farm has spread over one million litres of the converted fertiliser. 


The salmon waste is supplied by three salmon processing companies in Australia. Adam Chapman, environmental manager for Huon Aquaculture, one of the suppliers said the trials are conducted under the supervision and approval of Biosecurity Tasmania, the Environment Protection Authority and local councils.


Soil samples are gathered and ground water monitored to ensure no leachate to streams and waterways.


Josh Tomlin from Spectran, the company managing the trials said soil tests have found increased nutrients such as phosphorous and nitrogen. He added that the nutrients are a slowly released into the soil without flush.


Chapman said the trials will benefit both the farm and aquaculture industry.


-   ABC Australia

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