June 17, 2013


Mexico audits Argentina's poultry production system



A delegation from Mexico's National Health Service, Safety and Food Quality Agency (SENASICA) audited on June 3-7, 2013 the poultry production system in Argentina with a view to opening the market for the export of poultry meat and embryonated eggs.


The delegation, accompanied by the Argentinian National Health Service and Food Quality Agency (SENASA), toured various poultry and broiler production facilities and slaughterhouses.


During the final meeting, held on June 7 at the SENASA headquarters, SENASICA representatives highlighted the system of traceability of raw material throughout the production process.


"Being able to track the status of goods along the supply chain gives us guarantees to realise their import from Argentina," said Margarita Nava Arreguin, a risk analysis expert leading the Mexican delegation.


The Argentine Agency officials pondered the importance of maintaining relations between the two countries for the realisation of this trade agreement.

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