June 17, 2010


Argentina to fall short on Hilton beef exports


Argentina will not fulfil their 2009-10 "Hilton" High Quality Beef (HQB) quota, and is only expected to export around 18,000 tonnes swt to the EU out of their total 28,000 tonne quota, the government said.


The shortage is anticipated despite the government's redistribution of 3,293 tonnes from companies which were unable to fill their respective shares of the quota to interested exporters.


The low shipments over the fiscal year to date are the result of the delay in the distribution of the Hilton quota among local exporters.


In addition, a shortage of heavy export steers and the government's export controls have made it increasingly difficult to ship product.


Since last week, exporters have been filling remaining contracts with air freighted shipments. However, according to industry sources, many exporters have admitted the inability to proceed with these shipments due to high costs.

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