June 15, 2021

Philippines beef, pork now allowed to be exported to Japan



The Philippines can begin exporting beef, carabeef, pork, chevon, mutton and their by-products to Japan.


The country's Agriculture Secretary, William Dar, said this favorable development is due to the recent inclusion of the Philippines by the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (MHLW) in its list of certified countries that passed the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point-based (HACCP) hygiene management protocols.


Article 11 of Japan's Food Sanitation Law provides that only meat products using HACCP management systems may be imported into the country.


Since 2003, the Department of Agriculture, through its National Meat Inspection Service (DA-NMIS), has implemented a mandatory application of the HACCP programme in all licensed "triple A" (AAA) meat establishments. HACCP is a science-based, systematic protocol that identifies hazards and measures for its control to ensure food safety.


Prior to receiving the approval to ship processed meat products to Japan, the Philippines was only allowed to export chicken meat.



- Department of Agriculture (Philippines)

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