June 15, 2021

New features in Cobb Flock Management App bring expertise, support to more customers



Cobb's Flock Management app has been providing customers worldwide the power to access expertise, make decisions and help manage flock production right from their fingertips.


Now, the company is seeking to bring this quality user experience to more customers through new languages and a desktop feature. In addition to mobile device access, customers with an account can use the app from their desktop. The app is now available in Russian, Arabic, Turkish, Italian, German, Dutch and Indonesian languages.


"Guided by our mission to make quality poultry accessible, healthy and affordable worldwide, these powerful new features ensure more customers will now be able to use the Cobb Flock Management app virtually anywhere and at any time," said Robin Jarquin, Cobb's director of world tech services. "The app now includes seven more languages as well as the desktop feature, so more customers across the globe have the latest technology and tools to help products reach their highest genetic potential."


The app's other innovative features include:


- Live reports, graphs and dashboards to track rearing and production metrics;


- The ability to manage and transfer Cobb flocks across farms, houses and pens;


- Access to flock records and breeder data management tools;


- The option to toggle between metric and Imperial measurements;


- Access to a wealth of technical information and industry best practices;


- The ability to save to cloud and store password-protected information;


- An optimised user experience, currently available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Thai, French, Russian, Arabic, Turkish, Italian, German, Dutch and Indonesian languages.


"This app makes flock management and data tracking easier than before, and customers who have tried it love it," said Jarquin. "While you must be a Cobb customer to experience the full flock management capabilities, the guides and supplements are available to anyone in the industry."


- Cobb

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