June 15, 2015


DuPont Danisco wins innovation award for phytase product at VIV Russia 2015




DuPont Danisco has won an award in the "innovative technology" category for its advanced, highly bio-efficacious phytase, Axtra® PHY, at VIV Russia 2015.


The award, which was judged by key members of local scientific committees such as ARSRIPPI, VNITIP, the Russian Academy of Sciences and the All-Russian Scientific Research Institute for Poultry Processing Industry, was presented during a ceremony to mark 50 years of the Russian Poultry Union and to celebrate all that is new in Russian poultry/meat technology.

Axtra PHY was introduced to the market in February 2013 in the United States. It is currently available in 16 countries and will be launched in another ten, other than Russia, this year. Further roll-out in other EMEA and Asia Pacific countries is expected in 2016.

Standout features of the product as pointed out by the judges included:

  • Exceptionally (and unprecedented) high and rapid activity in the bird's upper digestive tract ensuring maximum phytate degradation with fast release of "extra-phosphoric" nutrients (e.g. amino acids and energy), which saves money on feed costs and improves performance. The activity of Axtra PHY, a Buttiauxella phytase, at pH 4.0 is almost double that at pH 5.5, the level at which all commercial phytases have their activity standardised. Axtra PHY also improves sodium, and therefore protein, glucose and nutrient absorption from the gut, with positive effects on growth performance.
  • Unique Thermo Protection Technology (TPT) that ensures the phytase remains active and retains optimum bio-efficacy at temperatures up to 95°C during steam conditioning and subsequent pelleting of feed. This maximises performance/bio-efficacy, not only saving money but also production headaches.
  • Support through extensive and flexible evidence-based matrix values that enable customers to optimise dosing according to diet, species and animal age.
Johan Jansen-Storbacka, Regional Industry Leader, Danisco Animal Nutrition, EMEA, said, "This award is the 'icing on the cake' of an already successful launch for  Axtra PHY in Russia. We look forward to working with local poultry producers to deliver savings of an additional $~1.23 per metric tonne of feed over E.Coli phytases through extra nutrient availability and an extra $~1.36 per tonne of feed in terms of energy and costly amino acids." 

Elena Venho and Albert Sargsyan, both from DuPont Danisco, accepting the award