June 15, 2011


High corn prices prompt Pilgrim's Pride to feed wheat to chickens



Pilgrim's Pride had begun feeding small amounts of wheat to chickens at some parts of eastern US, as corn starts to prompt at least a partial switch in feed, the company said Tuesday (Jun 14).


"We have recently begun incorporating some small amounts of wheat into our feed formulations in selected locations in the East, not the entire company, to help save money," Pilgrim's Pride spokesman Gary Rhodes said in an email. The company also has increased use of distillers' dried grains, a corn byproduct of ethanol production.


Tyson Foods Inc also said it had been feeding small amounts of wheat. "Tyson is currently using limited amounts of wheat. We would like to use more but supplies are tight," Tyson spokesman Gary Mickelson said. Pilgrim's Pride is majority owned by Brazilian meat producer JBS SA.

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