June 14, 2023


Mole Valley Farmers-owned feed mill in South West England, UK, reopens following US$5 million investment




A newly upgraded livestock feed mill in South West England, the United Kingdom,  has reopened after a £4 million (US$5 million) investment.


Based in Lifton, Devon, the Mole Valley Farmers-owned mill received the upgrade after difficulties with supply lines as a result of Russia's war with Ukraine.


Production capacity will be increased by about 20,000 tonnes a year. Twelve new 70-tonne raw material bins have also been built.


Jack Cordery, chief executive of Mole Valley Farmers, said: "In this time of challenging food security and the pressure on supply chains and British agriculture, we are delighted by this investment and I'm very excited."


The mill was opened by Minette Batters, president of the UK's National Farmers Union.



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