BASF Mycotoxin Binders: Novasil Plus and Novasilect AF

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

BASF Mycotoxin Binders: Novasil™ Plus and Novasilect® AF

Dr. Lily Li, BASF Animal Nutrition Asia Pacific
Novasil™ Plus and Novasilect® AF by BASF consist of naturally occurring ultra-pure calcium bentonite clay. Novasil™ Plus has been available on the market since the early 1990s. Until the end of 2012, BASF sold Novasil™ Plus exclusively to a single customer. BASF has been directly offering this product to the feed market since the beginning of 2013. The products are registered as mycotoxin binders in Asia Pacific and EU. In the US, Novasil™ Plus is registered as an anti-caking agent. Both brands are very well accepted as the platinum standard for aflatoxin binder. These products are also registered as an anti-caking agent in complete livestock and poultry rations, feed specialties, and individual feed ingredients. It reduces caking and it enhances the flow properties of these materials.
Aflatoxins: Serious Health Risks for Animals
Aflatoxins are produced by several species of the Aspergillus mold. They may occur at specific temperatures, moisture levels, and nutrient availability conditions both before and after crops are harvested. Contamination of grains with aflatoxins is usually particularly high during warm, humid weather conditions or after a drought, as well as in sub-tropical regions.
Aflatoxins are considered to be the most dangerous mycotoxins for both animals and humans. If animals ingest grain contaminated with aflatoxins, their health status and performance can be jeopardized. The negative effects range from a weakened immune system to severe liver damage or even death. Aflatoxin metabolites could be introduced into the human food chain via milk, eggs and meat.
The most effective aflatoxin binders: Novasil™ Plus and Novasilect® AF
Numerous scientific studies show that the risks associated with aflatoxin contamination are significantly reduced by using Novasil™ Plus and Novasilect® AF in animal feed. The products are easy to add to feeds and effectively bind aflatoxins in the animals' digestive tract, making mycotoxins unavailable for absorption and largely preventing them from being introduced into the metabolism of the animal. Novasil™ Plus and Novasilect® AF, therefore, do not eliminate aflatoxins from the feed, but minimize the negative effects of aflatoxins on the animals and their health. This is of great benefit to the feed manufactures, livestock producers and consumers.
What makes Novasil™ Plus and Novasilect® AF different from the other mycotoxin binders?

In contrast to other types of mycotoxin binders, the binding activity of Novasil™ Plus and Novasilect® AF are absolutely reliable and independent of the pH values in the digestive tract. They do not bind valuable nutrients, thus preserving the nutritional value of feed. Because they are clay, Novasil™ Plus and Novasilect® AF are stable during feed production (heating) and digestion (pH). The dose rate is 1 to 5 kg per ton of feed and depends on the animal species and the aflatoxin content in raw materials or complete feeds. Novasil™ Plus and Novasilect® AF are stable in feed. Studies have demonstrated that Novasil™ Plus and Novasilect® AF have no negative impact on animal performance and health even in long-term use.


Figure 1: Unique features of Novasil™ Plus and Novasilect® AF



Safety and Efficacy Attested by Scientific Publications

"Novasil™ Plus and Novasilect® AF are the platinum standards for aflatoxin binders," says Dr. Lily Li, Regional Technical and Application Management, BASF Animal Nutrition Asia Pacific. "As a mineral product, it is absolutely stable during feed production and ingestion. More than 60 scientific publications attest to its safety and efficacy in animals."


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Article made possible through the contribution of Dr. Lily Li, BASF Animal Nutrition Asia Pacific