June 13, 2022


Nebraska, US pork association appoints new services director



The Nebraska Pork Producers Association in the United States has appointed Steve Hoefer as allied and producers services director.


Hoefer has been involved in the pork industry for 40-plus years. He attended the University of Nebraska at Lincoln and received his degree in animal science with a production option.


Hoefer's responsibilities include managing all allied industry memberships, events and meetings, as well as soliciting new members. He will also be working with the National Pork Producer Council in managing the Strategic Investment Program, maintaining producer investor relationships and the recruitment of new members.


Hoefer brings with him an extensive background in all facets of the swine industry including farm experience, sales, consulting on facility construction, genetics, nutrition, pig flow, ventilation and PQA audit preparation.


Prior to joining NPPA, he was a livestock disease traceability coordinator for the US state of Nebraska. In this position, he was responsible for disease oversight of all livestock entering and leaving the state.


Hoefer assumed his position with NPPA on June 6 and stated that he "has a passion for pork production and believes he can be a resource in growing Nebraska's pork industry."

- Nebraska Pork Producers Association

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