June 13, 2022


USDA's Agricultural Marketing Service increased its projections for US red meat and poultry output



The US Department of Agriculture (USDA)'s Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) has increased its projections for total US red meat and poultry output in its World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates (WASDE) publication, with higher production of beef and pork offsetting declining poultry output, the USDA AMS WASDE reported.

The WASDE publication showed the annual beef output estimate for 2022 has been increased by 65 million pounds to 27.907 billion pounds.. Estimates for pork output have been increased by 180 million pounds to 27.219 billion pounds. The amount of red meat produced increased by 249 million pounds to 55.317 billion pounds.


Estimates for poultry output were cut by 112 million pounds to 51.199 billion pounds. In 2022, total red meat and poultry production is expected to be 106.515 billion pounds, down 295 million pounds from last year's figure.


According to the AMS, higher predicted steer, heifer, and cow slaughter offset lower expected carcass weights, resulting in higher beef output predictions. Pork production increased for the second quarter, despite slightly lower carcass weights.


Broiler output was lowered based on the rate of slaughter and recent hatchery data. Beef, pork, broiler meat, and turkey meat production predictions for 2023 remain unchanged from last month.


From last month's WASDE, AMS made no changes to its cattle price projection for 2022.


-      USDA AMS World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates

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