June 13, 2017

USMEF welcomes resumption of US beef exports to China


On June 12, US beef was added to a list of products eligible for export to China, the US Meat Export Federation (USMEF) said, expressing satisfaction at the decision.

"USMEF is pleased to see these important steps completed that will soon allow US beef shipments to China to resume, ending a suspension that has lasted more than 13 years," USMEF president and CEO Philip Seng commented in a press statement. "We thank our US government officials for their tireless efforts on this issue, and now look forward to exporting US beef to this very important market."

Seng noted the importance of the market-opening agreement which includes requirements that "will involve a period of adjustment for the US industry".

"Meeting these requirements will add costs and this will mean that US beef is priced at a premium compared to other suppliers in the market," Seng added. "With that said, China holds exciting potential for the US beef industry and for buyers in the market who have waited a very long time for the return of high-quality US beef."


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