June 12, 2024


Southern Thai vendors raise concerns over chicken price surge


Vendors in Nakhon Si Thammarat, southern Thailand, have raised concerns about the recent surge in chicken prices, questioning Thailand's Ministry of Commerce inaction, Thaiger reported.


Fresh chicken prices have escalated by almost THB 10 (US$0.27) per kg, affecting live and processed chickens.


Suwannee Wongchon, president of the Ku Khwang Fresh Market Vendors Association in Nakhon Si Thammarat Municipality and a major fresh chicken vendor, said that vendors attributed the price hike to expensive raw materials and high production costs.


But Suwannee said that businesses may be independently raising prices. Currently, live chicken prices range from THB 40 to THB 45 (US$1.09 to US$1.23).


The sudden price increase has left many vendors and restaurants with skyrocketing costs, leaving little to no room for profit. Suwannee emphasised the need for immediate intervention from the government and a balanced price mechanism to alleviate the daily cost of living crisis.


-      Thaiger

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