June 12, 2014


Adifo cooperates with New Hope Group to expand presence in China




Adifo and New Hope Liuhe, a subsidiary of New Hope Group, signed an agreement in Qingdao on May 17, marking the beginning of closer cooperation between the two companies with an aim at innovating together and expanding their presence in the Chinese market.


In the signing ceremony, New Hope Liuhe expressed confidence in the added value of the software products developed by Adifo, a Belgium-based company that develops and services specialised software for the food and feed industry, and subsequently purchased the BESTMIX® Feed Formulation Software.


The purchase symbolises the start of closer cooperation between the two companies, which will not only lead to innovation and progress in the Chinese food and feed industry, but will also help strengthen Adifo's position in the Chinese market.


Peter Tsjoen, sales director of Adifo, said at the signing ceremony, "Adifo and myself are looking forward to cooperating with New Hope Liuhe. Our know-how and innovations will bring added value for New Hope Liuhe and will support them in their growth".


New Hope Group, one of the largest agribusiness enterprises in China, has over 80,000 employees and close to 500 subsidiaries across China and abroad.
Signing ceremony between Adifo and New Hope Liuhe in Qingdao