June 12, 2012


Bangladesh allows poultry imports in anticipation of Ramadan


In anticipation of the upcoming Ramadan period, Bangladesh will allow the importation of eggs and day-old chicks as the government seeks to control spiralling prices and meet protein demand.


The price of eggs and chickens has been rising over the last few weeks. The Livestock Minister said that they discussed with the Prime Minister about the rising prices of eggs and chickens after the cabinet meeting last week.


"She has been informed that eggs and chickens have to be imported before Ramadan to keep the prices of the two items under control during the holy month. Otherwise, it would be impossible to stabilise the prices," the minister confirmed.


The Commerce Ministry will select the probable importing companies of eggs and day-old chicks and inform the Livestock Ministry, but the government has stated it will not allow egg imports from a bird flu or avian influenza prone country.


Bangladesh has enforced on imports of eggs and day-old chicks for a long period due to opposition of the local poultry industry. General Secretary of the Bangladesh Poultry Industries Association, Monzur Morshed Khan, told local news sources that the domestic poultry farmers would face losses for such decision, but that the measure was necessary to meet demand.


Currently, the daily demand for eggs is around 200 million while the production is 100 million.

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