June 11, 2020


China developed African swine fever vaccine proves effective in clinical trials


Xinhua news said an African swine fever (ASF) vaccine developed in China looks to be safe in current clinical trials, a major progress in preventing the livestock disease in future, Reuters reported.


There is no cure or vaccine available for ASF, which has decimated swine herds around the world. China's domestic swine production is still recovering from its African swine fever outbreak, first detected in August 2018.


Harbin Veterinary Research Institute researchers said in March published paper that in laboratory tests, their live attenuated vaccine was safe and effective against ASF. The institute is part of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS).


Xinhua, citing a CAAS news conference said 3,000 swine in three locations have been tested in ongoing clinical trials approved in March. These farms are located in Heilongjiang, Henan province. Vaccine testing began in April and will end in June.


Dirk Pfeiffer, City University of Hong Kong professor of veterinary epidemiology said the vaccine needs to be tested in different farm types and densities to prove its effectiveness.


Xinhua reported that vaccinated swine are healthy, with sows not having miscarriages and normal litter sizes. Vaccinated swine aren't shedding or transmitting the virus either.


-      Reuters