June 11, 2018

Trident Seafoods changes marketing strategy in China


Trident Seafoods, the US' largest seafood company, is changing its marketing strategy in China by selling Alaska seafood directly to Chinese consumers, Xinhua reported, citing an online report by Alaska's Energy Desk.

Trident Seafoods has been selling fish in China for 20 years only as a commodity so that many Chinese consumers don't know the company's products as a brand, it was reported.

The company now wants to bring wild Alaska seafood directly to Chinese consumers via stores or markets to make its own brand known.

Jeff Welbourn, senior director of the Chinese Business Office for Trident Seafoods, recently talked with Chinese business partners about getting their products into some new markets, Xinhua reported.

Trident Seafoods is tapping the 300 million active users of Chinese e-commerce giant JD.com, in whose website Chinese consumers can get their order of wild seafood from Alaska.

Per capita consumption of seafood in China is around 40 kilogrammes of seafood per year, he said. This is around twice the per capita global consumption in 2017.

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