June 11, 2004


China's Shandong Province's Poultry Prices Down But Hog Prices Up in May


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Chicken & Egg Prices Down     

In May, prices of live chicken and slaughtered chicken in Shandong province averaged RMB6.31/kg and RMB9.33/kg respectively, down by 3.22% and 2.51% respectively compared to the month of April. Prices of day-old-chick broiler averaged RMB0.90 per chick, a fall of 28.57% versus last month.

Meanwhile, layer production in China continues to be relatively low. Egg prices in Shandong averaged RMB4.90/kg, down by 0.81% compared to April. Average price for day-old-chick layer was RMB1.26 per chick, a fall of 5.06% versus April.

Piglet & Live Hog Prices Up

In May, average price of piglet and live hog in Shandong province was RMB10.58/kg and RMB8.70/kg respectively, up by 1.63% and 3.69% respectively compared to last month.

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