June 10, 2013


Birds Eye to purchase 100% beef from UK, Irish farms

Press release




Birds Eye announced a commitment to buy all the beef used in its products from UK and Irish farms.


As part of this new policy, from the end of June, all the beef in Birds Eye burgers will be sourced only from UK and Irish farmers. All other beef products - ready meals, pies and roast dinners - will follow by the end of the year.


The move comes as figures show Birds Eye burger sales have performed strongly in the last few months. Since mid-February, the company - which sells more than 100 million beef burgers a year in the UK and Ireland - has seen an 11.9% jump in burger sales in a market that was down by more than a third (-34.4)%.


In the four weeks to the 11th of May, Birds Eye enjoyed a 72.8% surge in a market down 1.5% as people stocked up for the BBQ season.


Birds Eye beef burgers have predominantly been sourced from British and Irish farms in the past and stayed on-shelf throughout the horse meat issue. From September, all Birds Eye beef burgers will have new labelling on the front of packs to signify Birds Eye's commitment to only using red meat reared in the UK and Ireland. Consumers will be able to have complete confidence that all the meat used in Birds Eye's best-selling beef product has been reared to the high quality and welfare standards of UK and Irish farms.


By taking this approach to sourcing for all beef products the company will create a simpler supply chain that allows for full product traceability. This means that all Birds Eye's beef can be traced back to the exact farm it came from. Moreover, the move strengthens Birds Eye's support for UK and Irish farmers, who will receive all the money the company spends on beef every year.


Commenting on the announcement, Andy Weston-Webb, Managing Director of Birds Eye UK & Ireland, said, "Birds Eye is proud to announce its commitment to source 100% of its beef from UK and Irish farms.


"Back in March, we introduced a new DNA testing regime into our beef supply chain which we believe is one of the best in the industry. Our commitment to use 100% UK and Irish beef reinforces why consumers can trust Birds Eye. With the start of summer, consumers have every reason to put a Birds Eye beef burger on the BBQ - they taste great and the beef is from UK or Irish farms."