June 10, 2010


Uruguay's meat exports hit US$631 million


Uruguay's beef and lamb exports totalled US$613 million in the first five months of 2010.


This value represents a 33% increase over the same period a year ago, according to the National Meats Institute, Inac. Of those US$631 million, 81% correspond to beef.


The volume of beef exported totalled in that period 176.689 tonnes and the main markets were Russia, EU, Nafta (Mexico, Canada and the US), Mercosur and China which concentrate 79% of that total.


"For the livestock industry overall we can expect a period of growing demand and Uruguay is forecasted to slaughter 2.55 million head of cattle" said Fernando Pérez Abella, Inac VP.


Uruguay's sales record was in 2008 when meat exports totalled US$1.339 billion, equivalent to 22.26% of the country's total exports making it the main sales item.


In 2009, income was down to US$970 million (390.000 tonnes) but in volume they increased 3.6% over 2008; 15% over 2007 and 23% over 2006, according to Inac's official data.

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