June 10, 2009


China's Bright Dairy invests RMB50 Million to improve milk quality


Chinese dairy products company Bright Dairy has announced plans to invest RMB50 million (US$7.32 million) to improve its pasture-land and to further improve its milk quality.


At the moment, Bright Dairy is implementing a standard management method with 350 specific management items on its own pastures and the method will be gradually employed on its cooperative pastures and leased regional pasture-land.


Currently, Bright Dairy's milk source structure consists of large-scale pastures and leased regional pasture-land. The company owns 21 large-scale pastures and other milk sources come from around 500 cooperative large-scale pastures.


Following the melamine scandal in September 2008, Bright Dairy has stopped sourcing milk from individual providers, which formerly accounted for five percent of the company's total milk sources.

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