June 10, 2008


Canada's Alberta province welcomes government funds to revitalize pork industry


Alberta Pork, the organization representing pork producers in the province, has welcomed the US$356 million in funding support from the province's agricultural department.


Alberta Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development George Groeneveld, who made the announcement recently said the funds were part of a long term strategy to support the industry. 


The funds comes at a critical time when producers are hard hit, said Herman Simons, Alberta Pork chairman and Tees, Alta. pork producer. "More importantly, it lays the groundwork for working together to build a more competitive industry in the longer term."


The pork industry has hired independent consultants to develop a pork industry revitalization strategy. That effort, led by management consultants Toma and Bouma and the agricultural think tank, the George Morris Centre, was introduced to pork producers at two industry meetings a week ago.


The Alberta pork revitalization strategy vision includes a goal is to move the industry out of the highly competitive and unprofitable production of low-cost bulk pork products to focus on high-value pork products in demand in domestic and global niche markets.


Simons said the goal to build around eight specific priorities such as enhancing the value chain and refocusing efforts to achieve a sustainable and competitive livestock industry, is in keeping with the industry's vision.

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