June 9, 2016


US rejects 9 shrimp entry lines from India, Thailand in May


The US refused entry to nine shrimp entry lines in May, for reasons related to banned antibiotics, of which eight were from India and one from Thailand.

The nine entry line refusals in May involved two companies, and were reported by two different regional offices of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), according to the Southern Shrimp Alliance.


The two companies were identified as Jagadeesh Marine Exports of India), which had eight entry lines refused for shrimp contaminated with veterinary drug residues in the San Francisco District; and Narong Seafood Co. Ltd. of Thailand, with one entry line refused, also for contamination with veterinary drug residues, as well as nitrofurans, in the New England District. 


The Southern Shrimp Alliance noted that this was the first refusal of a shrimp shipment from Thailand for banned antibiotics since September of 2005.


In the first five months, the FDA refused a total of 54 shrimp entry lines for banned antibiotics, almost as many as the total number in 2012 (55). Of the number, 39 entry lines were from India, more than last year's 34 entry lines. 


In 2012 India had only one entry line of shrimp refused into the US, but the number of refusals due to contamination with veterinary drug residues has increased significantly yearly since 2013.

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