June 8, 2021

Novus scientist named recipient of Early Achievement Award for Industry



Vivek Kuttappan, Ph.D., a research scientist at Novus, was named recipient of the Early Achievement Award for Industry which recognises the achievements of Poultry Science Association (PSA) members in the early stages of their career in the poultry industry.


Kuttappan, who has worked in poultry physiology with Novus for five years, said he was honored and humbled to receive the award.


"I joined PSA in 2009 and so many people in the organisation have inspired me to keep exploring different ways that science can impact bird growth and health," he said.


Kuttappan's research at Novus focuses on broiler meat quality and poultry gut health – two areas that can directly impact the success of poultry production. Along with his research at Novus, he collaborates with academia to solve gut health challenges in antibiotic-free production and investigates non-antibiotic strategies to control necrotic enteritis, coccidiosis and salmonella.


He holds a patent for a novel molecule to improve gut health in broilers, and his work has been included in scientific publications: 38 peer-reviewed journal articles and 57 abstracts cited by researchers worldwide. As a subject expert in solving poultry meat quality challenges, he has presented to the industry and academic institutions globally.


Kuttappan received his doctorate in poultry science from Center of Excellence for Poultry Science, University of Arkansas, and a bachelor's degree and master's degree in veterinary science from Kerala Agricultural University, India.


Each year, Novus also sponsors its Outstanding Teaching Award, which goes to a top researcher educator. This year's winner is Andrew P. Benson with the University of Georgia (UGA).


Selected by a PSA committee, the Novus Outstanding Teaching Award is presented to a PSA member who has demonstrated outstanding success in the classroom as well as a dedication to professional improvement.


Since joining the faculty at UGA's Department of Poultry Science, Benson has taught several courses, including introductions to poultry science and avian anatomy and physiology each fall and spring semester.


Benson attended UGA and it's where he first found an interest in poultry science.


"I know firsthand the impact of effective teaching, so I seize the opportunity to mentor and enthusiastically teach poultry at UGA," he said.


Outside of teaching, Benson's research focus is to improve fertility in commercial poultry.


- Novus