June 8, 2007


Zeigler issues voluntary recall of shrimp feed on account of melamine



US-based Zeigler Bros., Inc. is issuing a voluntary nationwide recall of its pelleted and crumbled shrimp feeds on account of melamine found in its products.


The company is also urging customers to stop feeding its pelleted and crumbled shrimp feed products.


The company's feed product has contained the ingredient "AquaBond", which has been found to contain melamine. AquaBond is a binding agent purchased in the US by Zeigler. The amount of melamine is believed to be used in a much lower concentration than similar ingredients used in the recent US pet food recall.


Melamine is believed to have been the main agent which killed dozens of pets in the US after it was mixed in with pet food. The ingredient was also mixed in pig and chicken feed, prompting fears of human health threats which the FDA dismissed as unfounded.


Zeigler is working closely with the FDA and with Uniscope, Zeigler's supplier for AquaBond, to provide timely product information and immediate recall instructions to its customers to assure product safety.

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