June 7, 2023


China's white feather poultry market pushed to catch up volume-wise

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By September 2022, the percentage of China's import of white feather breeder birds from the United States surged from 12.81% in 2020 to 79.88%.


However, the importing of white feather breeder birds only started in April 2022.


Yisheng, a listed poultry company, revealed in a survey that, in January-November 2022, China's restocking volume of grandparent stocks of white feather broilers dropped by over 30% year-on-year. According to government statistics, the country restocked 762,800 sets of grandparent stocks of white feather broilers in 2022, a 34.17% decrease year-on-year.


The limited production of yellow feather broilers in China, in conjunction with high broiler prices in China, supported the release volumes of white feather broilers to hit new highs. According to the China Broiler Alliance, the slaughter volume of white feather broilers in 2022 totaled 7.516 billion, a nearly 9% increase compared to 2021.


With the impact of bird flu, the overall quality of parent stock breeders for white feather broilers is not high. The performance of parent stock breeders from local producer Kebao still falls behind certain imported species.


Based on industry data, the production efficiency of grandparent stock breeders and parent stock breeders decreased by about 25% and 16%, respectively, in 2022, compared with 2021. At this rate, China needs 44 million sets of parent stocks of white feather broilers and 1.15 million sets of grandparent stocks to sustain its slaughter volume of white feather broilers.


Judging from the number of white-feathered broiler breeders restocked in 2022, China's production of white feather broilers will be significantly affected between the second half of 2023 to 2025.


Domestic producers can help to boost the output of white feather broilers. Fujian Sunner, for example, can maintain at least 600 million annual release volume and started to sell its breeders in June 2022 in nine Chinese provinces. It also has 21 grandparent stock production farms and three modern hatcheries, with a production capacity of 20 million sets of parent stock chicks annually. This translates to 40% of white feather parent stock breeders in China.


Overall, the import volume of grandparent stocks of white feather broilers could increase to 400,000-500,000 sets. With the domestic breeder production volume set to remain stable, the restocking volume of white feather breeders is projected to increase to 750,000 sets, a year-on-year increase of 90.36%.


- Shi Tao, eFeedLink

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