June 7, 2013


Poland aims to boost meat exports to China



During the third day of its week-long visit, a Polish parliamentary delegation in China focused on promoting Polish meat.


"Healthy Poles who were brought up on Polish poultry came with us, and I think this will also serve our aims," said Speaker of Poland's lower house of parliament Ewa Kopacz, who is leading the delegation, in an interview with Polish Radio.


Poland reached record levels of meat exports to China in 2012, principally frozen pork and offal, and to a lesser degree, chicken wings.


According to figures collected by China Customs Statistics, Poland exported meat to China to the sum of US$31.13 million.


Witold Choinski, chairman of the Polish Meat Union (ZPM) is pushing for a further increase in exports.


"Several Polish companies recently obtained authorisation to export to China and we are asking for more, because it is a very large industry in which we can increase trade," he said as cited by food industry news source.


Excluding fish, Poland is currently the 12th biggest exporter of meat to China. At present, the US is by far the market leader in terms of food exports to China, accounting for about one third of the quantity.


The visit of the Polish delegation, which is primarily concerned with boosting trade, sparked controversy when it emerged that the trip coincided with the 24th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre, in which hundreds of protesting students were killed in the Chinese capital. Two delegates from conservative opposition party Law and Justice pulled out of the trip in protest.