June 7, 2012


Ukraine's Hydrometeorological Center projects lesser winter wheat yield



Ukraine's Hydrometeorological Center foresees a 42% slump in winter wheat crop volumes this year to 12.5 million tonnes, against 21.6 million tonnes in 2011, Tatyana Adamenko said, head of the centre's agricultural meteorology department.


The harvest of rye is expected to reach the last year results - 0.5 million tonnes. Barley became the crop which faced the most damages due to adverse weather conditions, and its harvest in the current year will total 1.5 million tonnes, against 3.2 million tonnes last year.


To date, the Hydrometeorological Center believes that the general production of winter grain crops - wheat, barley, rye - will total 14.5 million tonnes, against 25.4 million tonnes last year, said Adamenko.


The expert added that it is the first forecast of winter crops harvest, which will be updated by the Center on June 25.


According to Adamenko, the recent rains improved the weather situation, increased the soil moisture, decreased air temperatures, and approached the crops conditions to standard for the present time of the year.