June 7, 2010


Bangladesh poultry prices up 5%


The price of poultry birds in Bangladesh shot up by 15% to BDT 150 (US$2.16) a kilogramme in a span of one week.


The poultry birds, sold in the range between BDT 125 (US$1.8) and BDT 135 (US$1.94) per kilogramme last week, is now being traded at BDT 145-150 (US$2.09-2.16) per kilogramme due to higher production cost, according to Trading Corporation of Bangladesh.


The price rose by 21.26% from BDT 115 (US$1.65) per kilogramme in June 2009. It has been increasing since last few years and the gap between the demand and the supply is also widening.


Farm owners claimed that they were now buying a one-day chick at BDT 65-70 (US$0.94-1.01). As a result, production has fallen down pushing the prices of poultry birds up.


Moreover, higher prices of feed are also another reason of recent price hike of poultry birds.


If the authority fails to take necessary steps, there might be 40-50% supply shortage, the traders feared.


"Killing of about half a million one-day chicks following outbreak of avian influenza, popularly known as bird flue, still has had its impact on supply situation," Syed Abu Siddique, President of Bangladesh Poultry Industries Association (BPIA).


''Following the shortage of chicks, production also dropped to a large extent. Moreover, 50% of the farms were destroyed or closed down in recent years,'' he added.


According to the BPIA president, the recent bird-flu outbreak forced the country's poultry farms to cut production leading to shedding of jobs on a large-scale.

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