June 6, 2022


Exports of Australian live cattle to Indonesia slows due to foot-and-mouth disease



Tom Dawkins, the chief executive of Australia's Northern Territory Livestock Exporters Association (NTLEA), said live cattle exports to Indonesia for the rest of June 2022 will slow to a near halt due to the foot-and-mouth disease situation in Indonesia, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation reported.


Dawkins said their Indonesian customers are cautious about making future purchases because of the foot-and-mouth disease situation.


He said they will take a "wait and see" approach for June and July before they see demand for live cattle resume.


Dawkins also said is important that Indonesia doesn't exacerbate the risks this disease might have in the cattle supply chain.


Live cattle prices have reached record highs in Australia, and Dawkins understands that customers would be concerned about paying nearly AUD 15 million for a shipment. He said the industry can absorb a period of slower trade in the coming months.


-      Australian Broadcasting Corporation

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