June 5, 2017


Adisseo and Masan Nutri-Science support sow production in Vietnam




From April 17 to May 9, Adisseo was honored to be part of Masan Nutri-Science scientific seminars for the launch of their new product, Bio-Zeem Mama+.


On this occasion, the teams were involved in eight seminars all around Vietnam with a full attendance gathering more than 500 farmers per session.


These scientific data presentations, rhythmed by light shows, dance performances and games, were a good opportunity to bring to mind the importance of a feeding programme in sow production.


As observed during the lactating period, sows face various forms of stress which directly impact their own performance and progeny. The seminars enlightened farmers on how to identify the root cause of Vietnam sow's productivity problem, which is the lack of a sufficient nutrition feeding programme during the lactation period. Masan recommended Bio­ Zeem Mama+ to maximise sow productivity.


In this nutritional solution, Selisseo® - a third generation of selenium that was awarded in a world innovation contest - is a key component. As an antioxidant, Selisseo® provides sows high capability to fight oxidative stress, resulting in better fertility.


During the seminars, farmers were briefed about the factors affecting sows during lactation including loss of weight, decreased fertility, low number of piglets, weight of the piglets, and slow return to estrus. The seminars showed how the new Bio-Zeem Mama+ formula is effective to mitigate the consequences of these issues.


Masan used farm trials to highlight the benefits of this new product.


In the end, Masan demonstrated its wish to increase the production of the sows by two piglets per sow per year and to support local growth in such a market through the antibiotic-free Bio-Zeem Mama+.

- Adisseo