June 4, 2012


Ukraine imports 60-70% fish



Minister of Agricultural Policy and Food Mykola Prysiazhniuk told a board meeting of the National Agency for Fisheries on Friday (June 1) that Ukraine is dependent on fish imports, which make about 60-70%, according to a correspondent of UKRINFORM.


"This country is dependent on fish imports - about 60-70% of this product is taken from abroad. It is paradoxical, but domestic freshwater fish is more expensive than imported sea fish. Therefore, the agriculture ministry and the fisheries agency must do everything for effective use of water resources," the minister said.


He stressed that it is necessary to reconsider the approaches to the management of fisheries in order to reach a higher level of efficiency. In particular, it is necessary to initiate a review of the agreements on the rental of inland waters, as well as to stipulate mandatory load per hectare of water area and the allowable catches of fish.


"We need saleable products. Taking into account the fact that we are developing a network of wholesale markets for agricultural products, restoring the procurement system, I am confident that the country will have no problems with the sale of fish," the minister underlined.