June 4, 2008


Ajinomoto partners with food company



Ajinomoto Co. has recently announced its alliance with Itoham Foods Inc. in a drive to cut costs amid soaring materials prices.


The two firms will integrate Ajinomoto's food and amino acid technology with Itoham's meat-processing know-how to improve the quality of products and reduce operational costs, they said.


Through the alliance, the two companies aim to reduce costs and raise product value amid soaring materials prices and increasing consumer awareness of food safety.


The alliance is expected to push up the two firms' combined operating profits by JPY4 billion (US$38 million) in the four years through March 2012, the companies said.


Ajinomoto is a Japanese company that produces food seasonings, cooking oils, foods and pharmaceuticals. It is is active in 23 countries and regions worldwide. Yearly revenue stands at US$9.84 billion.


Itoham Foods is another Japanese company which manufactures and sells fresh and processed meat products, including fresh beef and pork meat and frozen foods.

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