June 3, 2019


Cobb shares expertise, industry perspective at 20th World Technical School



53 poultry professionals from throughout the world descended on northwest Arkansas, US last month for Cobb-Vantress' exclusive World Technical School, Cobb said.

Hosted at Cobb's global headquarters in Siloam Springs, Arkansas, the two-week programme covered a broad range of industry-relevant topics - from genetics to nutrition to housing. This year marked the 20th year of the programme, which kicked off on May 12.

Cobb's World Technical School provides customers and key partners with an opportunity to learn and connect with Cobb's global poultry experts. The selective, two-week programme couples access to industry leaders with hands-on learning from specialists in various sectors. Attendees, who traveled from 28 different countries for the training, were also able to build relationships with poultry industry peers who will continue to help them grow in their careers.

"World Technical School is truly a unique experience for our customers," said Cody Polley, co-director of the Cobb World Technical support team. "We teach them the latest techniques and technology in the poultry industry. We offer advice and answer questions - and then they go back to their companies in locations all over the world and share what they learned here."

Polley said performance and profitability may often improve for the customers who attend and then apply the knowledge and techniques learned during the school.

39 speakers participated in the event, starting with a company and industry overview followed by in-depth tours around northwest Arkansas and northeast Oklahoma. Highlights included a tour of a feed mill, a parent stock farm, a hatchery, a processing plant, the University of Arkansas Poultry Center of Excellence and the Tyson Discovery Center.

Participants were also encouraged to practice problem solving during the programme through real-world workshops on farms and in labs to further their poultry knowledge.

"This school gives us an opportunity to support our customers with advice on everything from genetics to microbiology, veterinary medicine to nutrition.," said Dr. Robin Jarquin, co-director of the support team.

"It's a very special event that also showcases the extensive knowledge of our international breeder and broiler management experts."

Since launching World Technical School in 1999, Cobb has welcomed over 1,000 poultry professionals from more than 80 countries to northwest Arkansas, sharing knowledge and cultures.

- Cobb

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