June 3, 2010


Sino Agro Food develops enzyme for cold weather climates


Sino Agro Food, Inc. has successfully developed a new enzyme technology for use in agricultural applications such as stock feed and bio-organic fertiliser production in cold weather climates.


The new enzyme is derived from the company's currently patented enzyme used in the manufacturing of its stock feed and bio-organic fertiliser and could solve agricultural production problems in northern China.


The company maintains a patented feedstock (silage) technology in China which uses a special enzyme and packaging that enables the product to be stored for long periods without a reduction in the nutritional value of the feedstock.


Independent tests conducted by scientists and staff from Xining University and the HuangYuan Agriculture Department showed that at 4ºC, fermentation and maturity of the germination process was completed in seven days.


The currently available technology requires up to 21 days at 15ºC. This represents over a 60% reduction in time and over a 70% reduction in temperature needed to complete the conversion process.


Due to the enzyme's lower temperature requirement, production can continue for a longer period of time during the winter months.


Sino Agro Food, Inc. is an emerging integrated, diversified agriculture technology and organic food company with subsidiaries operating in China.

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