June 2, 2022


Evonik focuses on the digital future of poultry production at VIV Europe 2022




Evonik focused on its Precision Livestock Farming programme and the ways it can support poultry production – one of the main pillars of the agricultural sector - at VIV Europe 2022 in Utrecht, the Netherlands.


The company believes it is only possible for the industry to serve the important purpose of providing healthy animal protein to a growing world population - efficiently, sustainably and in compliance with animal welfare standards - with the help of data-driven solutions.


"With our science-based digital solutions, in addition to our years of expertise in animal nutrition, we are tackling the current and future challenges of the poultry industry," said Catherine Aung, head of the Evonik Precision Livestock Farming line. "We believe that by measuring the parameters that matter and by using these data intelligently, many of the current weaknesses in poultry production can be overcome."


Evonik presented Porphyrio®, its cloud-based data management system for the poultry industry, as well as ScreenFloX® and AMINOTools, digital tools for the monitoring of major poultry pathogens and feed raw materials. Live demonstrations at the Evonik booth allowed VIV Europe visitors to familiarise themselves with these innovative systems.


Evonik's Porphyrio® adopts a three-step approach – monitor daily production, predict flock performance and plan production output - to enable optimised poultry production along the value chain. The system uses big data, biostatistics, and scientific self-learning algorithms to make daily poultry production management easier and more successful.


With ScreenFloX®, Evonik offers a digital solution for continuous pathogen monitoring of poultry flocks with a focus on intestinal health and food safety. The solution is based on qPCR testing, and results are created on a wide data pool. Customer can get summarized results on their mobile phones via an application about the risk status in a flock. This enables them to take appropriate action quickly when problems arise.

- Evonik

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