AB Vista is expanding its assessment of Australia-based Avecho's (AVE) tocopheryl phosphate mixture (TPM) in upcoming commercial livestock products, The Market Herald reported.

Avecho's TPM is derived from vitamin E, and has been proven to enhance the solubility and oral, dermal and transdermal absorption of drugs and nutrients. The company, which focuses on human health programmes, is also supporting potential commercial partners and additional third parties to explore the application of TPM in animal health.

AB Vista has been conducting a range of studies with TPM over the past two years and observed improvements with livestock feed. The company now intends to study the potential of TPM in products being developed to control post-weaning diarrhoea in swine.

AB Vista's director of R&D, Dr. Mike Bedford, revealed that the company plans to complete the studies in time to commercialise a new product before the June 2022 European Union ban on high-zinc-oxide dosing kicks in.

"Opportunities for an ingredient such as TPM do exist in this sector, but selection for commercialisation will rely on how TPM performs relative to other agents, both alone and in combination with our other actives," he explained.

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