June 2, 2010

Ukraine grain exports decrease in May 2010


Ukraine reduced its grain exports to about 850,000 tonnes in May from 1.169 million in April, Ukrainian Agrarian Confederation (UAC) said on Tuesday (June 1).


The confederation said the volume had included 280,000 tonnes of corn, 230,000 tonnes of wheat and 340,000 tonnes of barley.


UAC said that Ukraine's grain export had exceeded 20 million tonnes in the 2009/10 season which runs from July to June. The volume included 8.9 million tonnes of wheat, 5.9 million of barley and 5.2 million of corn.


Grain exports jumped to 25 million tonnes in 2008/09, but traders, concerned about the government's large value-added tax debt, have said 2009/10 grain exports are unlikely to exceed 20.5 million tonnes.